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CHECK24 Impact

We invest in venture capital funds and start-ups that will shape the future of agriculture and food systems

Impact-oriented Venture Capital of CHECK24

The global climate crisis is one of the most significant challenges of our time. At CHECK24, we firmly believe that entrepreneurial innovation can overcome these challenges. The food sector in particular contributes significantly to environmental pollution, accounting for 30% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. With this in mind, we have decided to make targeted investments in FoodTech and AgTech to maximize our impact on a more sustainable future.

CHECK24 is Germany's largest price comparison portal, providing services for a wide range of product groups, such as insurance, financial products, telecommunications, energy, and travel. With over 15 million customers, 23 years of market presence and more than 20 office locations throughout Germany, CHECK24 stands as an impressive success story.

Our Investment Focus

Our goal is to enhance the sustainability of the entire Agri-Food value chain. Identifying key challenges for both consumers and industrial players, we aim to transform food production, processing, and consumption. We target companies with scalable, proprietary technology that address unique pain points, delivering long-term positive impacts on the environment. 

Backed by a capital pool of 100 million euros, our focus lies on venture capital fund investments with an average ticket size of 5 million euros, as well as direct investments in start-ups with ticket sizes between 1 and 3 million euros.

Innovative Farming Systems

Revolutionizing the production of food sources


Post-harvest supply chain, traceability, safety measures

Ingredient Innovations

Pioneering advancements in ingredients for enhanced quality 

Alternative Protein

Offering sustainable substitutes for animal proteins

Nutrition & Health

Enhancing nutritional choices and promoting consumer health


We have decided to make targeted investments in FoodTech and AgTech to maximize our impact on a more sustainable future.

 ~ Georg Heusgen, Managing Director at CHECK24 Impact

We want to do good for our planet and our future

Advancements in FoodTech and AgTech have a direct impact on the environment and climate, given the harmful nature of the food industry today. Impact is an integral part of our investment process and ongoing portfolio management. We believe in making a difference by investing in the deployment of new technologies and aim to create impact in these 7 SDGs: 

Sustainable Development Goals
SDG 2 Zero Hunger
SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
SDG 12
Sustainable Development Goal 13
Sustainable Development Goal 14
Sustainable Development Goal 15

FoodTech & AgTech in numbers


Of anthropogenic GHG emissions originate from the food sector


Of habitable land worldwide is used for agriculture


Of extracted freshwater is used for irrigated agriculture 


Of food production for human consumption is lost or wasted

Our Portfolio


Based in Silicon Valley, AgFunder is one of the most active FoodTech and AgTech VCs globally with a focus on Seed and Series A investments.


Hatch Blue is a knowledge-driven aquaculture and alternative seafood specialist and has offices in Hawaii, Norway and Singapore.


Omnivore defines itself as a “financial first” impact investor, changing the lives of Indian smallholder farmers and rural communities. 


PeakBridge is a member of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity partnership and invests through its Seed Fund in Europe and Israel. 


Oyster Bay is based in Germany with a focus on healthy, sustainable and functional food & beverage companies as well as disruptive AgTech.


We are looking for venture capital funds and early-stage founders building high-value, market-moving, category-defining businesses focused on FoodTech and AgTech.

Get in touch today

Interested in having CHECK24 Impact as an investor? We are looking for venture capital funds and early-stage founders focused on the FoodTech and AgTech industry. If you would like to share your ideas, business, or provide feedback, please reach out to us via email.

Offices: Erika-Mann-Str. 62-66, 80636 Munich, Germany



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